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Welcome To Maggard99 site!This Site Is For Club penguin Cheats.But Sadly We Won't Be Working On This Site Any More,We Will Work on


Come And Party With Maggard99!

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Today I Was On Club Penguin Getting Stamps,And Decided To Have A Party!If You Wanna Come,here Is The Info:

Date:August 7th Saturday

Time:1:00 P.M. Club Penguin Standard Time

1:00 P.M. Pacific Standard Time

4:00 P.M. Eastern Standard Time

3:00 P.M. Central Standard Time

9:00 P.M. British Standard Time

6:00 A.M. (Sunday) Australia


Room:Maggard99`s Igloo!


This Site Has Been Moved.

Hey You Guys,

Today I Was On My Site,When I Noticed I Had 8,200 Hits,So I Decided To Move My Site.This Site Has Been Moved To

Visit It For All The Updates,It Is A New Blog!


Club Penguin Candence Tracker!

Last Seen:Yeti
Time:10:30 PST Am

Try Our Chat For More Help!

Get your own Chat Box! Go Large!

Chat Room Rules:
No Cussing, We All Like A Good Chat Room Cussing = Ban For 72 Hours
No Bad Laungage, No One Likes A Naughty Person = Ban For 96 Hours
Links To Your Blog,And A youtube Video Are Allowed, But No Weight Loss Or Something Like That = Ban Forever
And Be nice To Others,No One Likes Mean People = Ban 120 ( 5 Days )

Tips On Finding Candence!
Candence Likes these Servers Frozen,Mammoth,And Blizzard!You Are Gonna Mostly To Find Her On Mammoth!But I Find Her On Frozen The Most!
What Is Her Favorite Rooms?
Dance Lunge,And Night Club!

Why Can’t We Just Buy Her Backgrounds?
Well It Is Signed,And You gotta Meet Her!

What Does Candence Look Like?
She Is A Pink Penguin With,A Yellow,And Pink Scarf,She Has Got Purple Hair!She Has Got Green And Gray Headphones On,And Some White And Black Shoes!

Why Is Candence So Important?
Well She Is Important Because She Gives Out Rare Backgrounds!And They Are Signed By Candence!

Why Does People Surround Candence?
Well She Is A Special Penguin!She Has A Different Looking Player Card Than Others!And She Is Hardly Seen On Club Penguin!Unless She Visits!

Is This Tracker 100% Accurate?
No,But It Is 99.9% Accurate!So Its Gonna Be Easy Finding Candence,And The Penguin Band!

If You Can’t Find Her,Then Visit Our Twitter.It Gives The Fastest Updates!

If You Found Candence Leave Us A Comment,And If You Found Candence With our Tracker Please Leave Us A Comment Thanking Us!That`s The Least You Could Do! Did This Help?


Club penguin Penguin Band tracker!

Penguin Band:Online
Server:All Servers

Note You Can’t Get There Background Untill They Take A Brake.But You Can Use Are Chat Box,For More Help!It Has Been Moved,For Reasons,It Didn’t Work,So You Gotta Use The One Above In The Candence Tracker.

Tips On Finding The Penguin Band.Well The Penguin Band Like To Login To Servers Like Mammoth,Blizzard,And Frozen.You Will Mostly Find Them In Mammoth!I Found My First Mascot In Frozen,And It Was Candence!The Penguin Band Get Real Crowded Real Easy!If Your Waddling Around Club Penguin,and You See A Big Crowd Of Penguins check And See If Its The Penguin Band!Whats There Favorite Rooms?
Iceberg,Town,And In The Lighthouse!So Check There!
What If Blizzard,Mammoth,And Frozen Are Full?
Well Try Other Servers,Maybe With Full Bars!Thats Were Your Gonna Find Them!

Is This Tracker 100% Accurate?

Not All The Times,It Is 99.9% Accurate,If You Find The Penguni Band Please Leave Me A Comment Thanking Me,Or Telling Me Where They Are At!

Did This Help?

leave us A Comment.

Club Penguin Trackers!

Hey You Guys,

Today I Checked The Iceberg,And I Found The Penguin Band,So Here Is The Trackers For The Penguin Band,And Candence:
Club Penguin Cheats

Here Is The Candence Trackers:

I Hope You Find Candence,And The Penguin Band!


Upgraded Domain

We are Now htttp:// instead of

Call of Duty:Modern Warfare 3 Made Over 1$ Billion in Christmas Sales

Modern Warfare 3 went big on Christmas, they made over 1$ billion in sales. Infinity Ward was impressed with what they accomplished.

Recently, MW3 had an update, the reason was because, Theater was messed up with a not loading problem.

Modern Warfare 3 reached over 3 Million sales world wide, It was pretty impressing to IW, since they made over 1$ Billion in sales, and they still accomplish this.

They are currently over 1 million Players that play world wide on Xbox Live. And over 2 Million that play offline, or don’t have Xbox live.

PS3 beat Xbox 360 this Year in Sales, in late October, PS3 made over 5.5 Million sales Worldwide,
and Xbox made over 5 Million sales Worldwide, It was pretty bad….


New DJ Music!

Hey You Guys,

Today I was On Club Penguin When I Relized,They Was Some New Dj Disks,To Play Music,Check Them Out:

This Is Only For Members.And We Can Play More Music!

Thanks, -Maggard99

Club Penguin Reviewed By You!

Hey You Guys,

Today Club Penguin Showed Us A Review By You,On The Club Penguin Blog!So Let`s See What They Said:

Hello Penguins!

It’s time for another Reviewed by You! Last week we asked you what your favorite dance style was, and Lawain said:

Well, i like to make my own dance style, and i cant do this without my friends, cuz they love to dance! We love to swing our hands in the air and sing along to our favorite songs! We also love to breakdance so that the crowd will be amazed! We also love to combine dances to see how many possibilities there are to dance! We love to boogie to the beat, stomp our feet, and have a little treat afterwards!

Awesome – thanks Lawain!

Music Jam is set to rock the island until July 18, so we’ve got one last question for all you Jam-fans out there. When you’re in a band, what’s your favorite role to play? Are you lead singer? Backup dancer? Something unique?

Write your Reviewed By You answer as a comment. We’ll post one (50 – 75 words, please) in next week’s Reviewed By You. If your submission is chosen to be the feature comment on next week’s blog, we’ll add 10 000 coins to your penguin account. Don’t forget to use your penguin name so we can add coins!

That Sounds Cool,If You Wanna Look At This Post On Club Penguin Click Here!

Thanks, -Maggard99

Club Penguin Coming Soon!

Hey You Guys,

Last Week Club Penguin Was Talking About Some Stuff,That Is Coming Soon!And This Week They Gave Us A Sneak Peek Of The First Thing,So Check It Out:
Hello Penguins,

We had some great comments on last week’s sneak peek, a lot of you are excited about what’s coming up. We wanted to confirm that a BRAND NEW feature will be launching at the end of the month, and here’s a closer look…

See if you can guess what they are. Here’s a hint – you’ll need to collect them. And there are A LOT of them.

Let us know what you think and I’ll have more details next week!

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