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Club Penguin Candence Tracker!

Last Seen:Yeti
Time:10:30 PST Am

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Chat Room Rules:
No Cussing, We All Like A Good Chat Room Cussing = Ban For 72 Hours
No Bad Laungage, No One Likes A Naughty Person = Ban For 96 Hours
Links To Your Blog,And A youtube Video Are Allowed, But No Weight Loss Or Something Like That = Ban Forever
And Be nice To Others,No One Likes Mean People = Ban 120 ( 5 Days )

Tips On Finding Candence!
Candence Likes these Servers Frozen,Mammoth,And Blizzard!You Are Gonna Mostly To Find Her On Mammoth!But I Find Her On Frozen The Most!
What Is Her Favorite Rooms?
Dance Lunge,And Night Club!

Why Can’t We Just Buy Her Backgrounds?
Well It Is Signed,And You gotta Meet Her!

What Does Candence Look Like?
She Is A Pink Penguin With,A Yellow,And Pink Scarf,She Has Got Purple Hair!She Has Got Green And Gray Headphones On,And Some White And Black Shoes!

Why Is Candence So Important?
Well She Is Important Because She Gives Out Rare Backgrounds!And They Are Signed By Candence!

Why Does People Surround Candence?
Well She Is A Special Penguin!She Has A Different Looking Player Card Than Others!And She Is Hardly Seen On Club Penguin!Unless She Visits!

Is This Tracker 100% Accurate?
No,But It Is 99.9% Accurate!So Its Gonna Be Easy Finding Candence,And The Penguin Band!

If You Can’t Find Her,Then Visit Our Twitter.It Gives The Fastest Updates!

If You Found Candence Leave Us A Comment,And If You Found Candence With our Tracker Please Leave Us A Comment Thanking Us!That`s The Least You Could Do! Did This Help?



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